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BonaFide Talk

With Laydee Felana

“BonaFide Talk” radio is just what the name suggests. It doesn’t get any more real than this. With real topics addressing real problems, and hosted by a really fantastic host sharing BonaFide scriptural answers realistically” —–Raymond Mentor…a New York Listener

“Human Rights Activist, Philanthropist, Author/Motivational Speaker/Radio Talk Show Host, The 2017 Spin Awards Season Finalist for “Internet Radio Show Of

The Year”…..Evangelist Felana—Born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC. She currently
resides in Winston Salem,, NC. Her VISION is coming to life. “I’ve been writing and Public
Speaking in some form or fashion since I was 4 years old. Little did I know that
God would have me utilize these gifts to Glorify HIM and to WIN SOULS TO

‘I WEAR MY SCARF WITH PRIDE”—This is what my ancestors had to do

Endure Entertainment presents
“BonaFide Talk with Laydee Felana”

“HE is GLORIOUS” special Guest “Appointed” on BonaFide Talk with Pastor Felana Psalms 91-“Near The Cross” on BonaFideTalk with Gospel Artist/Pastor John Joyner “HE’S OUR GOD” on BonaFide Talk with Gospel Recording Artist Everett Drake The Relationship “Thang” with Relationships Coach Robin Manley on BonaFide Talk “BLIND but I DO SEE” on BonaFide Talk/The Blind Visionary of Gospel Phil Walters

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“BonaFide Talk with Laydee Felana”

A "Snippet" of the "Sermon" Lazarus Rise

BonaFide Talk- With Laydee Felana
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Full Sermon---
"To Change Your Story.... Change Your Mind".

"An Encouraging moment with Laydee Felana" on Endure Entertainment via the Facebook platform

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